Face of the Flavor Contest

One of our most popular flavors, Cookie Monster, is going grocery and getting a new name! And because it's blue, it is all about autism awareness! Thank you to all who voted for the face of this flavor—a small business owner with autism. We'd also like to give a special Howdy shoutout to our ausome contestants.

Congratulations to Rig French!

Rig, owner/operator of Mr. Rigaroo's Shaved Ice, will be featured on pints soon. Keep an eye out for his face in your local Central Market ice cream case. Who knows...you may see the other contestants on upcoming pints as well. 😉

Meet the Contestants

Seth Bode, Pirogue Praline Co

Seth Bode

Pirogue Praline Co.

Since Seth's transition from school, finding paid employment has been a struggle. Knowing his capabilities and talents, Seth's family established Pirogue Praline Company to ensure he has a meaningful way to take care of himself. In addition to the original pralines, Seth offers unique flavors like Oreo, pumpkin, and wedding cake. The business is built on the love of the Lord, family, and culture of the city of New Orleans. As the company grows, so will job opportunities for other individuals with disabilities—capable, talented, reliable, and sustainable employees. They call this their PURPLE, GREEN, & PRALINE DREAM!

Rig French, Mr. Rigaroo's Shaved Ice

Rig French

Mr. Rigaroo's Shaved Ice

Five years ago just a few miles north of Corpus Christi, Texas, Mr. Rigaroo’s Shaved Ice was created out of Rig French’s desire to have a job. After many denied employment applications, Rig’s parents helped him start his own business his junior year of high school. Since then, Mr. Rigaroo has been serving up over 40 flavors of shaved ice to his community and local schools. Rig loves to meet new people and to laugh and smile. His favorite flavor is Red Velvet topped with sweet cream! If you’re ever near Portland, Texas, stop by his purple trailer and #getashave!

Zayne Harshaw, Blue Spectrum Band

Zayne Harshaw

Blue Spectrum Band

Zayne was diagnosed with autism at the age of four. It was always his dream to have a band. At 14 years old, this self-taught acoustic, electric, and bass guitarist would walk up to total strangers and ask them to be a member of his (at the time) non-existent band. In 2013 at the age of 17, his dream became a reality. It started with musician friends from the Special Olympics and local autistic teen social groups and has evolved over the years. Based in Columbus, Blue Spectrum plays gigs all over Ohio and across the United States. Check them out on YouTube and their website. Prepare to be blown away. 

Ev Smith, Fabulous Fidgets Etsy Shop

Ev Smith


"I was having a hard time finding fidgets that were in my budget and not aimed solely at kids or therapists, and realized other people might be having a similar experience, so FabulousFidgets was born!" Created in 2016 and operated out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by #ActuallyAutistic Evander "Ev" Smith, all of the products are 100% handmade by Ev themself, from stim-pride buttons and jewelry to fidget toys and weighted plushies. It is fitting—Ev graduated from Arcadia University with a bachelors degree in art! Visit the FabulousFidgets five-star shop to see the full range of ausome things for sale!