People Magazine: Meet the Texas Man Giving Adults with Special Needs a Chance to Scoop Up a Living

Jack Nielson of Salt Lake City always wanted a job, but nobody would give him a chance because of his disabilities. Tom Landis, a businessman from Dallas, always wanted to help people like Jack after growing up with a mom who had polio.

Now together the two are raising awareness through Howdy Homemade Ice Cream, a unique Texas-based company started by Landis, 48, to give people with intellectual and developmental disabilities a chance to earn a living and gain valuable life experiences they were often denied before.

Jack, 21, who is developmentally disabled, now spends several hours a day scooping ice cream into cups, washing dishes, emptying garbage cans and spreading smiles at a Howdy Homemade...


The Texas State Fair 2017

The fair was a HUGE success. Everyone got to try our delicious homemade ice cream including our signature flavor, Dr. Pepper Chocolate chip.

We also had Hot Tamale, Peanut Butter Chocolate, and Rooster Red. If you didn’t get enough of any of these, stop by the store!



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